About Us

Ken and Jennifer Roche, RN, BSN founded the Equestrian Angel Therapeutic Outreach Program in 2009. In an effort to combine his two loves, horses and nursing, Ken has created this unique program. Ken wanted a program that is completely free of charge to the facilities that we visit, and that would help individuals to forget about their illness, if only for a little while. The program has become very popular over the past three years and we have a growing number of sites that we visit regularly.
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Our goal is to brighten someone else's day. We will provide a fun, dynamic, creative experience that is designed to mentally stimulate our friends who live in challenging environments.

Our Therapeutic equine interactions will take place in a controlled, safe setting to ensure that the maximum benefits of equine therapy are obtained.

There are many well documented benefits of equine therapy. It is proven that interactions between horses and people are mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually beneficial.

Although equine therapy is extremely beneficial, only a small percentage of fortunate individuals are able to access a program. The Equestrian Angel Therapeutic Outreach Program understands that limitations such as moblity, age, finances, and mental status are just some of the barriers that many people face. We strive to eliminate those barriers by bringing the joy of equine therapy directly to individuals in need.

The Equestrian Angels will make equine therapy interactions a realistic option available for everyone to enjoy and show you why an equestrian encounter really is the best medicine!

Our Goal

Equestrian Angel Therapeutic Outreach Program
With God's Blessing, it is our mission to bring the proven benefits of equine therapy into the lives of those who for any reason do not have access. We strive to provide beneficial therapeutic interactions with individuals in need through the use of our joyful miniature horses and our friendly staff and volunteers. In addition we strive to bring awareness to the various types of equine therapy that are available to our clientelle and to encourage participation when appropriate.

Our Mission